Our New Hospital!!!

Red Lion Veterinary Hospital was started in 1978 in what amounted to a shed - no foundation, no insulation, and rudimentary utilities. Dr. Wm Southard Jones built up the old shed to a much more functional and serviceable building. However, in the early 2000s he decided it was time to build a new, ground up veterinary hospital to overcome some of the limitations of the original building. Unfortunately, an illness and the challenges of the task prevented him from finishing this dream. In 2015, Dr. Courtney Manetti (Jones) and Dr. Luke Jones brushed the dust off the old plans and set about making theirs and their father's dream a reality. They dedicated countless hours to fine tuning the plans and working with architects, engineers, contractors, and county employees until they got it right. Finally, after nearly two decades, Red Lion Veterinary Hospital is opening the doors to a really special new building. We know this building is going to allow us to better serve and treat your pets for years to come. We are so thankful you have entrusted us to care for your pets and have allowed this dream to become reality. We couldn't be more proud of our new hospital and hope you all love it as much as we do. After all, it is as much yours as ours!

Here's a sneak peak of a few pictures of the inside. Stay tuned for more!!