Anesthesia and Surgery are frightening ideas for many pet owners. At Red Lion, we work hard to make sure every anesthetic procedure is safe and comfortable for our patients. We use the highest quality anesthetics and formulate a specific anesthetic plan for every patient according to their medical needs. Your pet is carefully monitored while under anesthesia by the attending doctor, a highly trained technician, and state of the art monitoring equipment. We believe anesthesia is a vital and important aspect of veterinary care that need not be feared. We will go over in detail with you, the pet owner, all the details of the procedure and anesthesia to help put your mind at ease.

Our surgeons at Red Lion have more than 50 years of combined experience. The doctors have performed hundreds of complex surgical procedures developing great skill in all aspects of surgery. The doctors excel in soft tissue and orthopedic surgical procedures based on experience and specialized training in numerous procedures.